Mirror Photo Booth Rental

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$200 / hour
 Minimum of 2 hours
2 HOURS for $400.00 - (Deposit of $200)
3 HOURS for $600.00 - (Deposit of $300)
4 HOURS for $800.00 - (Deposit of $400)
 5 HOURS for $1,000.00 - (Deposit of $500)
Unlimited Prints - Text & Email
Deposit is included in the price
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* Unlimited (4" x 6") and (2" x 6") Prints 
* Personalized Template just for your Event
* Images sent via Text or Email instantly with WIFI
* Wide variety of Props for all Occasions
* All Images taken at Event sent to Client
* Attendant present to run Photo Booth  
*GIF and Boomerang available with Social Photo Booth
* Variety of Pillow Cover Backdrops for Mirror and Social Booth
* Multi-color changing Led Lights 
* 1 hour needed for set-up and break down
* Agreement has to be signed  and your Deposit has to be paid in order to Book your Date
* Taking most Payments
* Booking is based on a first come, first serve

EXTRA add on: Want to add a Guest Book?

photo strip guest book.jpg
                        $125 = Guestbook + 1 print of each image for 2 hours
                  $25 = Each additional hour with 1 print of each image
                        $25/hour = Prints only with Your Guestbook
             (Guestbook available in Black or White) 

Videos of Mirror Booth

Display of Props

Samples of Templates

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  Travel Fee

     First 15 miles from Zipcode 77433 is FREE!
From: Chestnut Falls Drive, Cypress, TX, 77433
via MapQuest

  15 - 25 miles = $15 

       25 - 35 miles = $25

        35 - 45 miles = $35 

         45 - 55 miles = $45 

         55 - 65 miles = $55

         65 - 75 miles = $65

         75 - 85 miles = $75

         85 - 95 miles = $85


Payment Options

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Questions & Answers
1.  Is the deposit included in the price?

Answer - Yes, the deposit is included in the price

2. Is an attendant present to run the Photo Booth?

Answer - Yes, we have an attendant that will set up and run the Photo Booth for your event 

3. Can you use Cash App for paying your Deposit?

Answer - Yes, you can use Cash App to pay your Deposit - $IanaGooding 

4. What if I want extra time with Booth at the event?

Answer - Yes, we can stay extra time, just let us know before we shut down and you can pay the difference 

5. Do you have summertime Props?

Answer - Yes, we have a wide variety of Props to match any event 

6. When is the Balance of money due?

Answer - It is due on the day of your Event

7.  Can the inflatable Photo Booth be set up outside?

Answer - Yes it can, but if it rains, we will have to stop and move inside where there is cover 

8.  Do you get prints with every Photo Booth?

Answer - Yes you do  

9.  What distance do you travel with Photo Booth?

Answer - We travel all over. Travel Fee  will be applied after 15 miles from our location

10. How do I Book an Event with Good-IN-Photos?

Answer - Reach out to us and see if we are available on your Date.

We will then email you our Agreement.

Return the filled out Agreement, Pay your Deposit and you are Booked

11.  What time do you arrive to setup Photo Booth?

Answer - We arrive approximately 1 hour before our Rental start time to setup your Photo Booth 

12.  Does the Photo Booth have to have an attendant present at all times?

Answer - Yes we have to have an attendant present at all times. Photo Booths cannot be left unattended

13.  Is the miles collected for Travel Fee for One Way or Both ways?

Answer - You just need the miles for One-Way, not both ways

14.  Is the Backdrop included in the Rental?

Answer - The Backdrop is included only in the Mirror Photo Booth and the Social Photo Booth,  at no extra cost

* Google Pay - ianagooding1@hotmail.com 


* Zelle - ianagooding1@hotmail.com

(Check out link for more info - https://www.zellepay.com/)

* Facebook Payments - Iana Gooding

Find me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/iana.gooding

Cash App - $IanaGooding

(Download App on Phone - https://cash.app/)

* Venmo - @IanaGooding

(Download App on Phone - https://venmo.com/)



Note: There is an extra 5% that is added to your payment if you choose

to pay using PayPal. All of the other forms of payment listed above, are FREE!!


 * PayPal  https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?flowlogging_id=a5b7bdc2f66&mfid=1568226071825_a5b7bdc2f66#/checkout/openButton


              Examples of  5% extra charge for using PayPal payments are :- 

 $125 = $6.25  

$150 = $7.50

$225 = $11.25

$250 = $12.50

 $300 = $15.00


 Select your Backdrop

Mirror Booth  &  Social Booth