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Owners - Iana Gooding-Scott
with husband, Trevor Steed Scott




We are in the business of bringing your party alive with creating lasting memories that everyone will cherish forever. An experience neither you nor your guest will ever forget!

Hello! And welcome to Good-IN-Photos, we are a family owned Photo Booth Rentals company in Houston, Texas and we have been serving this great city since 2017.


Want to know a little bit about me?
Well, let's see,... my name is Iana Gooding and I am originally from the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, West Indies.
I came to Houston, Texas in 1998 when I was 20 and I have resided here ever since. I have 1 daughter and her name is Paige and a husband and his name is Trevor Steed Scott. 

My love for photography began many years ago when I was a young girl and has just blossomed ever since.
Spending most of my time learning and doing anything photography related, is my groove.... from editing photos, to just going through an album and reminiscing...while listening to some good music. 
I believe my art & love for taking pictures came from my awesome dad, Ian Gooding, who was also a very popular photographer in Trinidad and worked for the media for several years., you can say it's in my blood! 

Initially working at a local photo store, (Harriman's Photo Center) in my native country, then when I moved to Texas, working for Walmart
Portrait Studio, Lifetouch School Portraits as well as Visual Services of Texas, at different times.

Having my own portable photography studio has always been a dream of mine. And now I am making my dream a reality. 
Currently, I run my own Photo Booth Business and Party Rentals company which keeps me super busy, and I love it!
Thank you, GOD, for your Love & Guidance. 



"Iana Gooding-Scott"

Location: Chestnut Falls Drive, Cypress, Texas, 77433, USA    |    Phone: 281-615-5399    |    Email:  
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